RouteMapThe Overland Challenge route has been crafted with three goals in mind:

  • Push each team’s drivers and navigators to their mental capacity navigating an appropriate route and overcoming challenges along the way.
  • Push the vehicle to it’s limit through technical driving, off-road abuse, and pavement pounding.
  • Showcase some of the best and most scenic roads and trails that New Hampshire has to offer. Each day will be different than the last and will challenge teams in a different way.


The 2016 route is not finalized but the overall feel and theme will remain the same.


The Overland Challenge is designed around mildly to moderately modified, overland oriented vehicles designed for longer term adventure. This includes the ability to be self sufficient in regards to cooking all meals, handling any generated trash, be comfortable for sleeping, and be capable on both the highways and trails. The Overland Challenge is asking a lot from a vehicle and those with well rounded, do-it-all type setups should have the advantage. This is not a rock crawling or offroad competition. There will be plenty of offroading but keep in mind that 50% of your time will be spent on pavement. This is all about overlanding! The event spends a good portion of time showcasing some incredible scenery and hidden attractions throughout New Hampshire.

Day 1: The Woods.

The first day is most likely the longest day in the vehicles and definitely the longest day of trails. The route will consist of Southeast NHs hardest trails and will take all day to complete. Don’t expect to arrive to camp before dark. There will be some scenic overlooks from the dirt roads but don’t expect to see much more than trees all day. Two off-road oriented challenges will be presented at some point during the day. Several photo challenges will be available as a chance to earn additional points. There will be a chance for a short hike to earn even more points and a hidden waterfall fed swimming hole if you feel like you have time to relax. There will be no mid-day provisioning stops available. Make sure to have enough fuel and food to complete the day.

Day 2: The Drive.

The second day starts off with some pavement time to get the teams headed further North on some scenic roads. Teams will be met with trails in the second half of the day that will certainly push the limits of the vehicles. These are possibly the hardest trails of the event that will be made even harder by the onset of nightfall. Expect a navigational challenge to present itself at some point during the day. As with all days, keep an eye on the photo challenges for a chance to score some additional points. Teams can enjoy a lunch on the road but will again enjoy the pleasure of setting up camp in the dark.

Day 3: The Summit.

Teams will depart in the early morning for a 32 mile drive along arguably the most scenic road in New Hampshire. Stop for stunning views along the way and soak in the scenery. Early risers can take a quick morning run to some incredible sunrise viewing locations. There will be provisioning in the morning and again in the afternoon. Photo challenges abound and light/short hikes are a good way to break up the day and change up the pace. The pinnacle challenge of the day will be conquering Mt. Washington, New Hampshire’s highest peak and home to the world’s worst weather. Prepare your cooling system and brakes for a workout of a lifetime. The day will be spent on entirely paved roads. This is the day that rock crawlers will suffer. There are lots of sweeping bends and well mannered street vehicles will prevail. Be prepared to complete a couple of mental team challenges during the day. Teams should arrive to camp in time to enjoy a little bit of daylight and rest up.

Day 4: The FInale.

The last day of the challenge. Teams will face more paved roads in the early morning opening up to trails in the second half of the day. The morning will be filled with some incredible scenery from the back roads of NH. There will be lots of dirt travel. Provisioning will not be available after teams hit the first dirt road. Make sure to fuel and food up in the morning. Again, be prepared to face a couple of offroad challenges at some point during the day. Photo challenges will be available as well. Teams should arrive to camp in late afternoon. A dinner will be provided and after all the points are totaled, winners will be announced and prizes handed out. Enjoy tales of the event around the fire as a group, kick back, and enjoy the night.