Before you register (important notes are found below):

  • Vehicle must have an active liability policy during the event.
  • All drivers AND navigators/co-drivers must posses an active competition license. – See notes below.
  • All vehicles must have a GPS tracker (SPOT or InReach are supported, email for support of any other device. Cell phone apps do NOT work). Trackers are available to rent if you do not own one at the time of the event.
  • There will be TIMED challenges including a RallyX course.
  • There are some challenges that are somewhat physically challenging.
  • There are no refunds – you must find another participant to buy your spot if you want your money back.
  • Make sure your vehicle will pass tech inspection! There are no refunds for failed tech. You WILL be sent home.
  • Event is limited to 26 teams.
  • Teams are 2 VEHICLES each. Registration cost is per VEHICLE, not per team. Each vehicle will need to register. YOU CANNOT COMPETE AS A SINGLE VEHICLE TEAM.
  • If you are registering a single vehicle and plan to have your teammate register later, MAKE SURE THEY REGISTER BEFORE SLOTS FILL UP! Some people are registering with the intention of finding a teammate at the event. This means that if you buy a slot and your teammate isn’t ready to purchase, someone else may take that spot! If you absolutely want to make sure that you get both vehicles registered before slots sell out, you can register them both at once by choosing a quantity of two in the checkout page. Slots are going fast.
  • If you are unsure of a vehicle or your team name, just write unknown or make your best guess. It can be changed later.
  • Team names must be family friendly.



Important info, read below!

Sign up below to reserve your spot in the 2016 Overland Challenge. Registering now guarantees you a spot in the event.

There will be an open refund period until April 1st. After April 1st there will be no refunds. You will need to sell your spot to someone else if you can not attend.

The cost of the competition license is unknown! This is the reason for the refund period. Expect the cost of the license to be $40/ea for driver and navigator. This is an additional cost and is not included in your registration fee below. We will announce the final cost and provide a link and information on how to obtain your competition license as soon as they are ready for us. It is a simple online form and takes about 3 minutes to fill out.

You will NEED a SPOT or InReach tracker. If you do not own one already, you can rent one with your registration fee. You do not have to rent yours now. Rental of a tracker can be done up to three weeks before the event. If you have your own, you are absolutely welcome to use it and there is no added cost for that. If you rent a tracker there is an option to buy it after the event at a discounted rate.

Important info, read above!

T-Shirt Size
Vehicle year, make, model
Team Name

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Registration cost: $325/vehicle. Registration fee covers 1 vehicle and occupants as well as all lodging costs, park fees, parking passes, special events, attraction entry fees, door decals, event t-shirt, and the awards dinner on Saturday night. You are responsible for your food, fuel, and any other consumables you will use on the trip. There are several attractions on our event itinerary that are included for point acquisition. Anything on our itinerary that is worth points is included in the cost, more notable items would be the trip up Mt. Washington Auto Rd and things like the Flume or Caves in the WMNF.

Teams are 2 VEHICLES. A typical team would look like this:
Vehicle 1 = Driver 1 + Co-Driver 1
Vehicle 2 = Driver 2 + Co-Driver 2
Teams must be minimum: 2 vehicles with one driver per vehicle.
Teams must be maximum: 2 vehicles and as many people as there are seatbelts.
It is HIGHLY recommended that teams come with 4 people total (1 drivers and 1 navigator per vehicle). Teams with less than 2 people per vehicle will be at a disadvantage in many areas.

Timed Challenges: There will be some timed events including a RallyX course. This is a higher speed challenge against the clock. Run-off areas are wide and there is almost a zero chance of crashing into anything but for those with high centers of gravity, soft suspensions, and no sway bars, there is a serious rollover risk. We will not stop you from competing. That is entirely your call. Your regular insurance policy is almost certainly NOT going to cover any vehicle damage incurred during this event and our event policy will not cover it either. You will need to find your own coverage or assume full responsibility for any damage your vehicle may incur. There will also be time limits imposed on some of the overland challenges which may lead teams to rush. We will do everything in our power to keep things safe, but accidents can happen. Please have your medical insurance up to date. There will be an option to buy additional medical coverage with your competition license for a very reasonable cost. I would suggest everyone look into that option.

Licenses: All drivers and co-drivers are required to have a valid 2016 competition license. These are essentially the same licenses required at King Of The Hammers, TORC series, Global Rally Cross (GRC), and most of the other big off-road events. The licenses are very simple and easy to get. The cost is not yet finalized but expect about $40/person. They can be obtained online by just filling out your name, address, DOB, and signing off on some waivers. By requiring everyone to obtain a license we are hugely improving our insurance coverage and, believe it or not, cost stays about the same as last year. This is what allows us to bring in timed events.

Physical Requirements: There are some challenges that can be physically demanding. Most notably, the bridge building challenge. Teams will need to roll/move/position heavy logs, beams, and other materials to construct a bridge across an impassable gap. The event is not designed as a physical challenge and we have done our best to make it accessible to all but some of these materials are heavy, round, and unstable. In designing this challenge, a successful bridge was constructed by two average people without much physical struggle, albeit with no time limit. If you can pull winch cable up a hill and move rocks around to get unstuck, you can complete this challenge.

Teammate: You do not need to have a teammate selected prior to the event, although it is recommended. You will be faced with some serious challenges along the way and it helps to be working with someone that you can communicate well with. If you do not have a teammate, register and then email us with a brief description of your vehicle (including if you have a winch or not), overland experience, and anything else you feel pertinent to reveal to a potential teammate. These “profiles” will be shared with anyone else who needs a teammate and you will be put in touch with each other.

Seat Time: There will be a LOT of driving. You will be in your vehicles most of every day. Be prepared. Driving time is split between roads and trails.